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Kevin hinkel

A humble brag

Creative professional with over 10 years of experience in print and digital, where fast paced work environments demand speed, accuracy and adaptability. Excited when contributing to a team or an organization through creative design to create a positive online user experience. Knowledgeable of the computer frameworks and languages required for website deployment and maintenance. Strong enthusiasm and drive in succeeding.

Proficient on Macintosh and IBM-compatible platforms, desktop publishing software, Adobe Suite including: InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Acrobat. Microsoft Office Suite, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery, MySQL & React.

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Little bit of everything.

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Graphic Design



Advertising / Marketing

Gopher Sport

Catalog Layout


Graphic Design

Digital Layout

Web Content


Studio Art

New Year, New Projects

Below are examples that I created during my latest endeavor to learn web based applications. My favorite part of developing them was visual design using HTML and CSS. Knowing what goes on behind the scenes of an app helps me create more relevant user experience. My interests lie in web design and user interface.


Visit breweries near you

Can’t remember that sweet brewery you went to last week or last night. Remembeers is the solution. This app allows the user to search and save their favorite breweries.

Hangman Game

Guess the animal names

Here is a Node.js app I created while in coding bootcamp. It's similar to real hangman. You have nine guesses and will be alerted once you've guessed correctly or have run out of options.

True North Trivia

Guess Canadian themed questions

This is a trivia app I created while in coding bootcamp. There are eight questions and you have fourty-five seconds to get them all. A tally is taken at the end.


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